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Busy summers with workcamps, repairing homes and helping work community events.  As always, the impact these groups made on our community is amazing.  Their willingness to cheerfully serve the people of Hancock County made our workcamp summer a great success.

Virginia Commonwealth University  Aspire team with Tim Woodward giving them a lesson on ramp building.

Work Needs:

We've had work camps since 1991, to rebuild an abandoned grocery store into our community center and to perform home repairs around our area.  Jubilee Center, has ongoing repairs and upkeep needs. 


Adult groups, or senior high groups along with adults, are welcome for overnight stays.  Junior High students may stay overnight, if they are part of a group that also contains Senior High youth and adults.  For every five young people, there must be at least one adult.

Groups will receive direction on jobs from our staff, but also need to bring their own work supervisors.  These should be people familiar with members of the group and have had some construction experience (home repair counts!).  Groups of any size are welcome, and your length of stay can be variable.

Fees are dependent upon several factors, including the size of your group and your lodging requirements.   If you are interested in reserving a camp for 2014, please call us Mon. thru Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.  Work camp dates fill up very quickly.  The sooner you call, the more likely you are to get the dates your group wants.  For more information on Jubilee's Work camp Ministry, please contact Heidi or Rhonda Utermoehlen at 423-733-4195, or email 
jubileeworkcampcoordinator@gmail.com or jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com and request a work camp information packet.

This page last updated April 1st, 2014