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Our Needs
Our shipping address is Jubilee Project, Inc. 197 North Jockey St. Sneedville, TN 37869

Just now, Jubilee Project is in serious need of financial assistance.  Like many other non-profit organizations, we are experiencing a down-turn in funding.  We need your help to continue with our work here in East Tennessee.
Our area of greatest need is: See list Below

Our Greatest need now is General Funds (money to cover our overhead, pay for supplies, and cover some support staff salary).

If you, your church or your group are interested in making a monetary donation, please mark your check or money order "general." We appreciate any assistance given to Jubilee Project in the past and in the future -- we are so lucky to have great Mission Partners who help us in the work we do!

FINANCIAL HELP: We are in greatest need of financial help, especially for our "general program expenses"  to pay for our program costs, support staff salaries, utilities, upkeep and improvement on Jubilee Center. You may use United Methodist National Advance  Special #781350-4 or the Holston Conference Advance #3500-301-56.  You can also send monetary donations directly to Jubilee Project -- these donations are tax deductible.  Checks or money orders should be made out to Jubilee Project, and can also be designated by you, the donor, for your particular area of interest -- i.e. "youth", "general", etc.

MATERIAL NEEDS:  We rely on donations for our expendable items and some program and other needs.  Because of our community development activities and the use of our community center by the public, we use a lot of office supplies, especially copy paper and toner, as well as toilet paper and paper towels. These are some of the materials we use to carry out our programs to help people. We also provide snacks to youth in our programs (who tend to be hungry after school).

Items in red are urgently needed with ** -- bold items are needed very soon!


*      PRAYER ***

**We are in Need of a economical 4 wheel drive to do intakes on home repair applications and for traveling to churches .


Postage Stamps Rolls of forever stamp 100 stamps are $46.00

Business Size Security Envelopes

Laser Labels for newsletters Avery type 5160 or 1”x2˝”

Colored card stock (bright and pastels)

Rolls of Transparent Tape for desk dispenser
**Blank DVD's with sleeves

Cleaning Supplies:

** Bleach

Disinfectant Wipes

Dish Soap

Dish Sponges

Brillo Pads

** Laundry Soap, Softener, Dryer Sheets

All Purpose Cleaner

** Floor Cleaner

** Bathroom Cleaner

** Oven Cleaner

SNAP Foods:

** Microwave ready single serving foods – Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Soup,

** Snack Crackers (Pkgs)

** Peanut Butter

** Canned Tuna Fish, Chicken and Ham

** Tuna Lunch Packs

** Potted Meat

** Vienna sausage

** Shelf Stable Milk

** Individual Cereal Boxes\Bowls

** Instant Oatmeal

** Small Packages of Crackers

** Shelf Stable – Pudding & Jell-O Cups

** Fruit Cups & Applesauce (Individual Servings)

** Healthy Individual Serving Snack Food

** Popcorn

General Jubilee:

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Paper Towel Holders

Facial Tissues

Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

** 55 Gallon Trash Bags

Industrial Style Front Door Mat

** Outdoor Flood lights (Compact Fluorescent)

Rolls of White table paper covers 10


** Stand Mixer

** Blender

Bake Ware – Cake Pans, Muffin Pan,

Bread pans, spring form pans, Bunt Pans

** Mixing Bowls


Freezer bags – Gallon size only

White vinegar

Granulated white sugar


Baking powder


Fruit cups or cans of fruit


Ritz crackers and or saltine crackers

Gas cards for the BP station (This is a very big need)

Spices such as bay leaves, garlic powder, basil, thyme, oregano


**Deodorant (Women’s and Men's) we are out of women's


Acne Treatment Packs

Razors for Men and Women

**Shaving Cream (Men and women)

Baby Needs:

Large Pull-ups

***One 4X4 SUV for our work camp program and for travel when speaking at churches


Christmas 2014 for Jubilee youth

Hoodies in all colors, sizes medium to XXL
(Youth gift bags for Christmas)

Men's cologne such as AXE, Bod and other fragrances.

Women’s cologne…..And body sprays

Jewelry, Make-up set’s

Nice razor set’s men and women
Cross body bags
Gift cards to subway or Hardee's

Christmas Jubilee food box 2014

Small canned hams (3 pounds) (family dollar has them for $3.00)

Canned sweet potatoes

Cake mixes/icing or brownies, cookie mix

Canned corn/green beans

Canned cranberries

Can milk or powdered


Christmas 2014 for Special Education Class (Grades 1 to 5th)

Coloring books/Crayons/Color pencils
Activity Books
Building block sets
Barbie dolls
Matchbox cars
Bath soap set’s


Here is an example of things needed that Food Stamps doesn't buy and items needed for the Youth Snap Food Program

You can help Jubilee Project at no cost to you!  Join iGive.com, which is partnering
with Jubilee Project to turn your online shopping dollars into charitable profits.  iGive.com has over 500 stores as members, including Ebay, Office Depot, Expedia, Land's End, Barnes and Noble, and L. L. Bean, and the donations we receive from our partnership with them are tax deductible for you!  Click on the link below to join iGive.com today.  With your help, we can make a real difference.  We need you!

If you would like to make a donation or arrange a workcamp, please contact:
Jubilee Project Inc.
PO Box 657
Sneedville, TN 37869
Phone: 423-733-4195
Fax: 423-733-1624
Email: jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com


This page last updated Jan. 23, 2014