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From the Desk of Rev. Marta Cogbun Jubilee Project Interim Director

Who is my neighbor?

It was not an innocent question. 

The lawyer who posed this question to Jesus meant to justify himself (Luke 10:29).   As a test, he had just asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life.  Jesus asked him what the Law said.  He knew the answer well: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27)  But simply knowing the law was not enough.  Jesus said, “Do this and you will live.”  The lawyer, still not ready to give in, came back with another question, “And who is my neighbor?”  Jesus answered his question by telling a story, the story we know as The Good Samaritan. 

With the exception of the man who was beaten, each character in this story was clearly defined by vocational, political or religious boundaries.  Each character no doubt felt justified in denying help to the wounded man.  Only the Samaritan came near to the man and offered assistance.

For those of us listening in, the meaning is clear: a neighbor is not defined by boundaries but by actions.  A neighbor is someone who does something, especially something to relieve suffering and share the love of Christ with others. 

In Hancock County, some boundaries are easily recognized.  The Clinch and Powell Mountains form obvious geographical barriers that hinder neighborly relationships.  Other boundaries are not so clear.  Persistent poverty, educational needs and cultural differences can make crossing the road to be a neighbor quite a challenge. 

In partnership with the Bethlehem Center in Chattanooga, Jubilee Project seeks to help our young people identify their neighbors.  Youth from the rural Hancock County and urban Chattanooga will meet at Flat Gap School to participate in relationships and team building skills as well as leadership development.  They will work together on a service project and will share meals and recreational activities as well.  Later on, youth from Hancock County will join their new friends in Chattanooga to continue what we hope will be an ongoing ministry. 

Experiencing and sharing the love of Christ with our neighbor is the primary goal of this cross cultural ministry which begins in October 2014.  We are grateful to the staff of Bethlehem Center for their partnership and to The Redwine Fund for Strategic Ministries for providing funds to get the project started.  You can help us too by contributing to Jubilee’s general budget. 

Of course, we appreciate your prayers.  Please pray for each youth and adult who will take part.  And join us in asking for God’s wisdom and guidance throughout this new mission.                                                 


From the Desk Of Heidi Taylor Jubilee Office Manager, Blessings to all who receive this letter.

                It is gearing up to a very busy summer and  a hot one. Please remember to drink lots of water and don’t leave your pets in a hot car.

                With the heat of summer already showing I want to share one of my favorite summer treats with you. I hope you enjoy.   

Watermelon Popsicles


1 watermelon chunks of fresh fruit (try grapes, strawberries, or kiwi fruit)

Instructions :

Puree watermelon and pour into popsicle molds. Drop in chunks of fresh fruit, insert caps and place in freezer. Serve when frozen.

                Any group out there not have a mission for the summer or fall this year? We can help you find a place. Call Jubilee for more information on Workcamps and weekend warriors.



                From January 1 – April 30 our USDA pantry distributed 420 pounds of fresh, frozen chicken, 44 cans of chicken, and 63 jars of peanut butter along with the emergency food and hygiene boxes we distribute daily.   

                USDA requires more paperwork and time from us, but the items are FREE from 2nd Harvest.

                Allen UMC is presently collecting cereal and oatmeal for our food pantry, and for this we are very grateful.

How can you help?

                We are in need of your assistance to achieve our goals at Jubilee Project. Our biggest need is forgiving to our general Mission expenses. You can give to National Advance #781350 and Holston churches can give to Conference Advance #3500-301-56. Material donations are accepted as well. Please contact Jubilee Project at 423-733-4195 to ask for a current needs list. Prayer is always needed.


The administration needs:

· Flash Drives

· Blank DVD’s

· New heavy duty dolly

· 12 matching vinyl Table cloths

The emergency pantry needs:

· Women’s deodorant

· Paper towels

· Laundry soap

· Dryer Sheets

Work Team  needs:

· 4 saw horse brackets

· 2 large first aid kits

· 2 large trash cans with lids

· 2 small trash cans with step pedal to open

· 42-Cup Coffee Urn

            In 2012, we were blessed to  serve 20,403 people at a value of $345,578.62 in goods and services with a total of 19,447 volunteer hours.

            In 2013, we were blessed to serve 20,686 people at a value of $369,463.14 in goods and services with a total of 10,346 volunteer hours.

Donation Guide


                We are always happy to have donations.  However, because of repairs and changes going on at Flat Gap School, our capacity to store donated items is drastically reduced.  Please help us be good stewards of your generous gifts by using the following guidelines.

· Call Jubilee Project at 423-733-4195 to schedule a delivery time and place.

· Clothing donations will not be accepted until after August 1, 2014.

· Donated items must be clean, in good repair and functional.

· Donations that are outside the scope of Jubilee Project’s ministries will not be accepted.

· A Jubilee staff member must be present when donations are delivered.

· Please do not leave donations when the building is not open.

                Thank you for helping us to make the best use of our resources.  We appreciate your understanding and your partnership in ministry with us.

Peace and blessings to all


   Rhonda Utermoehlen: Appalachia CARES/AmeriCorps Outreach project manager


   I’ve completed a 3 day AmeriCorps project teaching 5th graders about good citizenship and good nutrition. I ended the project with a slide show on the Jubilee Project youth program and sent them all home with a friendship bracelet and an invitation to bring their parents to our open house on Friday May 23rd . We hope to grow the youth program.

     Our youth will be partnering with the Bethlehem Center in Chattanooga to paint several rooms in the home of an elderly woman.  We wrote a grant titled “Who is my neighbor” to help pay for the youth lock-in/community service event. 

     Jonesborough UMC ran the concession stand at the Flat Gap auction in April. Thank you Jonesborough UMC for helping our youth raise $159.37 toward the deposit on a cabin for Resurrection 2015. Thank you youth for assisting with the auction.

     We have Art Bohanan scheduled in on June 20th to do a presentation on forensic science. Both the youth and their parents are very excited about Art coming to Jubilee. Thank you Art!

     The women of Jonesville, VA. UMC  is taking on the task of collecting items for our youth birthday closet. We have many items for young children but not for teens. Thank you ladies. It was a true blessing to meet you all.

     I am in need of birthday cards geared towards teens and young adults, the cards we have are for very young children. We are also in need of a Wii player with games for multiple players

     We have 2 youth graduation from high school this year and both are going on to college; they will receive a pillowcase with the Jubilee logo on it, filled with items for their 1st apartment/dorm, and a Bible.  One is going to Walters State to study criminal justice; the other is going to study nursing at Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

We are so very proud of these young ladies and wish them well on their road ahead.



     I attended the UMW Assembly in Louisville Ky. and spoke to several women about the Jubilee Project. 

     I completed the 1st level of Lay Servant training, distributing information about Jubilee Project.  I found that my lay servant training for the United Methodist Church is in line with the Mission work I’ve been doing in this community at Jubilee Project these past 4 years.

          Jubilee Project will be distributing information about our mission to local residents at the Wallace Mobile Medical event for the community at the old high school in Sneedville.

     I’m working with Margie White of ASP to set up homes for their group to repair and help her set up ASP accounts in Sneedville.  We are very excited to partner with ASP to help those in our community.  Doing repairs on someone’s homes is such a beautiful way to minister God’s love to them.

     Tuesday nights in June and July will be culture night with the different groups staying with ASP at our kitchen; we will be attending to speak about Jubilee Project’s positive impact on this community. 

     Jubilee Project, with the help of Sneedville’s UMW, has cooked and served 2 full meals for “the Mission” that meets on Thursday nights in Sneedville. The mission helps those recovering from addiction and depression. They’ve had much success helping those in need in our area.

     We have 3 work teams that will be doing VBS in our area this summer.  Thank you to Centreville UMC, Arcola UMC, and Allen UMC. You are the hands and feet of Christ in our community.



     With the help of Andy Broyles of Greenville and teams from Mascot UMC and Strawberry Plains UMC, we now have 20 bunk beds built and in the rescue squad building for our work teams.

     We have applications for 41 homes to repair, and 7 more homes needing safe water or septic tanks.  We work with Of One Accord Ministry out of Rogersville to share homes needing work,  It is such a blessing to work with other missions to do God’s work.

     I’m very happy to have been offered training from Mount Carmel UMC on improving the intake process of homes needing repair, and how to calculate the cost of repairs and determining what repairs are the most needed.  It has been such a blessing to meet so many people that give up their time to help us, which in return gives us the ability to better help our community. Thank you to Bill Campbell, and Cloyd Clipps!

     Eight teams have already completed mission work with us this spring, ranging from repairing homes, working on our facility, the water program, and making improvements to the rescue squad building. It is with much gratitude that we thank you for all your Mission work in our community.

Our home repair program is in need of a pressure washer, and a folding saw horses.



     I have requests for another 7 homes requesting help with water or septic tanks.  TN environmentalist Heiskell L. Stubblefield, has done 1 septic layout and has 2 more scheduled.

     I’ve done a water test on 2 homes in April, and one tested safe water, but the other test positive for bacterial contamination, and we will be working to get a water purifier set up at this home.


            Please keep Jubilee in your prayers.

To get more information on these programs and the other mission work of Jubilee Project, contact us at 423-733-4195 or email: jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com

Jubilee Project, 197 North Jockey Street, PO Box 657, Sneedville, TN 37869