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06/01/11 – 10/17/13

My interest in helping families came about with the overwhelming number of cases of children passing intestinal parasites and having no water in their home.  I even had one mother [one that we are still trying to get a water source into her home and hopefully a septic system/bathroom] told me that “the minute her son died – warms started coming out of every hole in’m – even his ears.”  The number of children coming close to dying from parasites has decreased.  More recently; an elderly man was to be released from the hospital after amputation of his hand.  The hospital was going to refuse to release him to his home because; he didn’t have water in his home.

In the two years:  a contract has been signed with Living Waters of the World,  30 applications for water assistance has been received, and  several water scores have been tested.  To date we have:

                            11 resolved &/or dropped cases (2out of county request)

                                   "4 Wells dug hit water on all 4" Thank you to our friends in Christ in Lebanon, TN (see pictures above)

                               5 to follow-up on purification systems

                               4 need water in their home

                              8 need water

                              2 need purification systems.

*Please realize that if/when water is established; a purification system will often be needed.  A household that has water to the home must have a working septic system or they can be evicted from their home.

The water program for low income - to no income families has multiple ramifications to make a working water system for a household.  Jubilee will continue to endeavor to work at collecting applications from families/households in need, evaluate the needs, work to connect resources to families, and to resolve/improve the water quality in the homes in Hancock County